Monday, June 8, 2009


Ok, so this is really Sharice, but I was able to talk with Mom and Dad on the phone the other night, and they had LOTS to tell me! They wanted to make sure that it was posted on the blog too!

They left from Provo, UT on Friday afternoon and had a long drive ahead of them! They called Shellianne and asked her to book them a room in Nevada that wouldn't be too expensive. Shellianne called and said that everything looked pretty pricey, but she found something in a small town that looked pretty good.
So they booked it. Mom and Dad pulled up to the hotel around 2 am in the morning, and it had been a long drive to get there. They had to go through the casino to get to the desk to get the room key. They got a key for room 112 and went to find their room. When they tried to put the key in the door, however, it didn't work... They fought with it for some time before Dad decided to go find the "right" key. He walks all the way back to the desk through the casino and they guy at the desk said it was the right key.... So, he walks back and they try it again when the door knob starts to turn. A gentleman came to the door and politely said, "This one's occupied..."
OOPS... They tried the next door down room 118 I believe, and the key worked, so that is where they slept for the next couple of hours before heading on the road again.

Mom and Dad said it wasn't that bad Shell, just FYI, and thanks for getting the room!

The next story came the next day. They pulled up to the mission office and nobody was there. It was right next to the temple, so they went for a walk over there, and they found everyone getting ready for a picture with ALL the missionaries in the entire mission. The mission president had EVERYONE say "WELCOME ELDER AND SISTER HEATON"! It was an amazing welcome! They felt VERY special.

They even got to sleep in the general authorities room for the night! Mom said that Dad behaved himself even!!!

They are right next to the bay with a beautiful view! The weather is AMAZING!
So all in all they are there, they are safe, they are having the time of their lives!!! I can't remember any other stories, so if you want them talk to Joshua because he knows!

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